Small Business Saturday is nationwide campaign to encourage people to shop local on Saturdays and promoted by the non profit group @smallbusinesssaturdayUK

Mr Fitzpatrick’s provides our cordials and mocktails to farmshops, delis and garden centres across the country.  The high street is under threat and without all the lovely shops and boutiques, towns are losing their heritage and identities.   We really appreciate your help and support by liking and sharing our posts.  This helps increase customer awareness of our product and in turn helps those small business’ who support and believe in our product.

Small businesses provide 2/3 of employment in the private sector and half the turnover.  Small businesses are often family ran businesses passed on from one generation to the next.  They create a sense of community. Now more than ever they need your support as our high streets faces an unsightly demise.

Last weekend in America where this concept began, an estimated 112 million shoppers showed their support on the seventh annual Small Business Saturday, setting a new record for the retail event!  Clearly we are a fraction of the size of America, but let’s see if we can break some records December 3rd !