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Think garden parties with traditional afternoon tea, float away on a summer breeze with this distinctive blend of English rhubarb with a pleasant rosehip infusion.

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Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordial
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by Natalia Leigh on Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordial
Best cordial ever

We bought a few of these from Cheshire County show and they are by far the best cordials we have tasted very addictive flavours will certainly be ordering more.

by Emma Jones on Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordial
Best cordial EVER!

We bought this cordial when we went to the country file live in n blehiem palace in Oxford. It is the nicest cordial we have ever tasted. Everyone who tries it loves it and asks for a. It to go home. The bottle goes far, we have now ran out. So are purchasing more online as it is too good not to have again.

by Aileen on Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordial
Summer Sunshine

Transports you to a Summers day, wonderfully fresh fruity flavour, very natural and refreshing with a lovely balance of sweetness and a twist of sunshine

by J Coughlin on Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordial
perfect partner for a gin & tonic

This cordial is sensational and I have bought several bottles of it (we always have one in the kitchen cupboard now). I think I am truly addicted. It is AMAZING in a G&T but just as delicious with soda.

by Joanne on Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordial
Unique Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial

I first tried this cordial in a restaurant in Liverpool and it was so delicious i had to find out who made it and buy some for myself. I drink it with soda water, ice a wedge of lime and a sprig of mint. Everyone i have made this drink for loves it. There is nothing like it, its flavour is unique. Delicious and refreshing on a summers day.

by Diane Thompson on Mr Fitzpatrick's Vintage Cordial

I have dry mouth syndrome and drink loads. A drop of this cordial in cold water is sublime. It's sweet, without being too sweet and a little mild kick of sourness to make the juices flow. After the Sour Cherry etc one and the Elderflower and English Apple..oh and the Strawberry and kiwi it is up there with my favourites. My nephew uses this to make a scrumptious milkshake.
There us a milkshake bar in Sheffield market that uses Mr Firzpatrick's cordials and is where I found out about these wonderful cordials. If you are in Sheffield head down there as the owner lets you have a small taster of them before you buy. I an now hooked on these.

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Rhubarb, Rosehip