Advent Sunday is the start of the Christmas season, and the beginning of the church year. In fact, The First Sunday of Advent and is a time of celebration.  It starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas.

The First Sunday in Advent is the day that most churches collect money for children’s organizations, particularly, the Children’s Home Society. This special children’s organization aids in the support of children who face abuse, neglect, violence and poverty. During the first Advent Sunday churches host a special service called Christingle, where children are given a Christingle to carry. Advent Sunday is also a time to reflect on the past, present and future.

Four candles, twigs and leaves are formed around a wreath, and one candle is lit on the first, second, third and fourth Sunday. However, most people choose to light the candles throughout the entire holiday season.

Advent Sunday is when many begin to start their Christmas festivities, putting up decorations in the home and office – although a typical time for reflection it is also a time of great celebration.

Happy Advent everyone !